Snow Queen vs. Marble Queen Pothos [Differences Explained]

It can get really tricky to differentiate between Snow and Marble Queen pothos. However, they still have some dissimilarities between them. 

So, how to distinguish between Snow Queen vs Marble Queen pothos

Well, for starters, you can easily notice a difference between the variegation. Because Snow Queen has a more white tone to it. While Marble Queen is greener in color. Then the growth of the can be another factor. Because Marble Queen grows much slower than Snow Queen. Lastly, they also have different growing requirements. 

Now, that’s not all- 

Having proper knowledge is important for not only choosing one plant between the two. But also for providing the necessary living conditions. That’s why we’ve gathered enough info for you. 

Therefore, please keep reading along!

Yes, both the plants are from the same family. And they might even look similar to you. 

But they actually have some dissimilarities between them. 

To help you out, we’ve discussed those in simple words-


Snow Queen 

Marble Queen 


More white

More green


Heart-shaped and more translucent

Heart-shaped and a little translucent

Growth rate

Faster than Marble Queen 


Light requirements 

Bright and indirect sunlight or low light 

Medium-bright indirect sunlight or low light


65-85 degrees Fahrenheit

65-85 degrees Fahrenheit 


Fast draining 

Regular houseplant soil


Slow-release fertilizer

Well-balanced and general-purpose indoor plant fertilizer 

These are some of the common differences you’ll see while examining both pothos plants. But obviously having only basic knowledge might not help you to pick one plant. Or take care of it. 

Thus, you’ve to go through a comprehensive comparison of the two plants.

Snow Queen or Marble Queen Pothos: Comprehensive Comparison

Now, it’s time to know some detailed info on Snow Queen and Marble Queen. So, brace yourself!

Because throughout this detailed comparison-

You’ll surely understand which plant to pick. And how to look after it properly. 

Thus, let’s go through the differentiating factors-



Now, you’ll see some dissimilarities by observing the leaves of the two plants.

Let’s start with Snow Queen- 

Well, this plant has heart-shaped and glossy leaves. However, the leaves aren’t smooth. 

They are a bit more on the waxy side. You can feel this texture by running your fingers through the leaves. 

Now, Marble Queen leaves also have the same type of shape and feel to them. However, there’s one difference between the two- 

Snow Queen and Marble Queen have different colored leaves. Yup, there’s a slight dissimilarity. 

Snow Queen is more translucent than marble queen.

Also, if we focus on the term variegation, you’ll see the color variation. 

Now, you might not know what variegation means. 

Well, variegation is basically the appearance of different colored zones. And these zones can be seen on the foliage/leaves of a pothos plant. 

So, a Snow Queen Pothos plant has a bit of soft green and white in its leaves. But Marble Queen leaves are deeper green and creamy white in color. 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

But which plant do you prefer based on the leaves?

Growth Rate

Now, the growth rate is another important factor. And can help you with your decision. 

So, Snow Queen pothos grows quite fast. Just like other pothos plants. However, Marble Queen is a slow-growing plant. 

But there’s a catch-

You can help this plant grow faster. How? 

Well, it’s simple! Just provide better lighting, temperature, fertilizer for the plant. 

However, the plant will still grow much slower than Snow Queen pothos. 

So, which one do you want? A fast-growing or a slow-growing plant?

Lighting & Temperature

snow queen pothos

We all know how important light is for a plant. Also, lighting and temperature are closely associated with each other.  

That’s why if you increase the light, the temperature will increase too. Which will definitely create problems for your plant. 

Now, let’s see how much light and temperature are needed for the two plants- 

For Snow Queen pothos, you’ve to provide bright and indirect sunlight/light. However, the plant can survive in low light too. 

Therefore, keeping the plant 2 feet away from any direct light source is alright! But if you put the plant under direct sunlight. The leaves can get burnt and turn black. Just how peperomia leaves turn black.

Unlike Snow Queen, Marble Queen needs to be provided medium to bright indirect sunlight. Also, low light conditions don’t really affect the plant negatively. 

But it’s better to provide medium-bright light conditions. Thus, keep it 1-2 feet from your light source. 

Now, if we look at how much temperature the two plants can tolerate- 

The numbers are quite the same for both. 

Snow Queen can do well at 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime. And 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night time. 

In reverse, for a Marble Queen, you’ve to provide 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime. And at night, it needs the same temperature as the Snow Queen. 

Now, which plant do you think is easier to handle?

Soil & Watering

As we are talking about the lighting and temperature. It’s essential we talk about the soil and watering as well. 

Because the plant gets all its important nutrients from its soil. Plus if you don’t water properly, the plant will get sick.

That’s why it’s essential to know what soil and watering condition is best for the two. And that if you can manage that type of soil. 

So, first of all, a Snow Queen doesn’t need that much care. But it does require soil that doesn’t hold water for too long. 

Therefore, we suggest watering Snow Queen pothos every 7-10 days during summer and spring. Also, water the plant again, only after the soil is completely dry. Otherwise, the plant will suffer from diseases like root rot

So, how can you make your soil fast-draining-

Well, try placing some pebbles that are small in size at the bottom of your plant’s container/pot. And if you don’t have pebbles with you, use a potting mix that’s for cactus.

So, just grab the potting mix to keep the Snow Queen happy!

For Marble Queen pothos- 

Nutrient-rich soil is important. And the soil should also be able to hold moisture. 

That’s why we recommend watering the plant once a week when it’s summer or spring. During winter, you don’t have to water the plant much. Also, make sure 50% of the top part of the soil is dry before providing water again. 

Otherwise, the poor plant will face difficulty in growing. And will also get sick! 

To save it from diseases, you’ll need to have soil that’s made of equal parts of-

Peat moss, perlite, and regular indoor plant soil. Plus checking whether the soil is moist or not is vital. Therefore, keeping a moisture meter will be beneficial. 

So, keep the meter close and check the soil before watering again!

Now, does this sound a bit more difficult than handling a Snow Queen?

Fertilizer Requirements

Last but not least, fertilizer can be another differentiating factor. 

Because Snow Queen requires a slow-releasing fertilizer. You can use inexpensive organic fertilizers for this plant. For example, seaweed or worm castings. 

On the other hand, Marble Queen needs a well-balanced and general-purpose fertilizer. Because it’s a slow-growing plant. Thus, use that type of fertilizer every month during its growing season. Plus over-fertilizing can make the leaves of the plant black. Just how azalea leaves become black. That’s why you need to be careful!

Snow Queen Vs Marble Queen Pothos: The End Results

Now, have you reached a decision? 

Not yet? 

Well, no worries, we’re here to help again.

First of all-

If you like white pothos plants, go for the Snow Queen. And if not, you can pick Marble Queen pothos for yourself. 

Now, if you’re looking for a pothos plant that grows fast. But also that doesn’t need that much care-

Choose Snow Queen pothos. This plant is pretty easy to maintain and look after. 

But if you think you’ve enough time and money for a slow-growing pothos plant-

Marble Queen pothos is the best option for you. 

Hopefully, now you’re all cleared about which plant is best suited for you.


Question: Are Marble Queen and Snow Queen the same? 

Answer: Nope, they aren’t. Both plants are in the same family. But they aren’t similar. Their color, growth rate, and growing requirements are all different. Therefore, we suggest going through our piece. And knowing the differences in detail. 

Question: How much water does Snow Queen need? 

Answer: You need to water snow queen once every week. You can even water the plant after every 10 days. However, the soil must be dry before watering Snow Queen again. 

Question: How much light does Marble Queen require? 

Answer: Marble Queen pothos require medium-bright indirect light/sunlight. It thrives in this type of lighting. Low light condition is also appropriate for a Marble Queen pothos plant.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s all the info we had on snow queen vs marble queen pothos. Hopefully, our piece helped you. 

Now, which plant did you choose? 

Share your answer with us by commenting. Keep us updated on your pothos plant. Best of luck!!

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