In-Depth Mars Hydro TS 600 Grow Light Review

The introductory LED grow-light, Mars Hydro TS 600, is a popular option from one of the companies with a sturdy foothold in the sector. However, if you are looking for excellent results at an affordable price, there aren’t many products with comparable features at a low upfront cost. Here, we will take an in-depth look into the Mars Hydro TS 600 to help you figure out whether it has what it takes to meet your needs.

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a). Specs of the Introductory LED Grow Light

The Mars Hydro TS 600 draws about 85 watts of power with an amp draw of 0.79 at 220 V or 1.37 at 110 V and offers maximum coverage of 490 square centimeters for serving adequate light. In addition, you will get a heat output of 231 BTU from the 225 LED grow-lights that use the new SMD technology. Also, the lumen intensity is about 11465 if you plug it into a 240 V AC outlet.

Moreover, you will need an input voltage of about 85 to 265 volts for the device to work. The PAr value is rated at 360 Umols, while the maximum yield is about 2.5 grams per watt. Plus, the Mars Hydro TS 600 lacks a fan, so it will not produce any noise while illuminating your plant shelves.

Although finding out the specifications is critical to understanding the capabilities of the Mars Hydro TS, the figures might not mean much to some users. Thus, we will delve into the design, build, performance and other features of the LED grow-lights.

b). Design and Build Quality

The simple design of the Mars Hydro TS 600 features an efficient reflector, a thermal insulating layer, an aluminum sheet for heat-dissipating and evenly-distributed IR diodes that use SMD technology. Additionally, the build of this model differs from other products because its driver is located inside the light instead of the top. Plus, you cannot remove the 6-foot cord since it is permanently attached to the device.

The aluminum hood looks weird because of the texture. However, the innovative and unique part helps to increase the reflective properties. Consequently, the Mars Hydro TS 600 will focus light better and bring obvious improvements when growing indoor plants.

Furthermore, the insulating material covers the infrared diodes to ensure that humid conditions do not affect them. Thus, this LED grow-light is durable regardless of the growing environment.

Finally, the growing area offers a perfect rectangular lighting coverage that can squeeze several plants while not compromising intensity. Still, the 6-foot power cord means you need to keep your grow tent close to a power supply. However, this aspect may not be an issue for most growers since the energy demand from the LED grow-light is manageable.

c). Performance

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1. Light Spectrum

The full spectrum variable output control of the Mars Hydro TS 600 means you can tweak the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) to suit your plants. The infrared diodes from Mars Hydro can produce light in the 400 to the 760-nanometer range. Plus, the LED lights can produce 3000K and 5000k spectrums while also getting monochromatic infrared and deep red variations.

Consequently, you can retain color in the plants with warm white light or compact growth in the plant shelves via blue light. On the other hand, you can increase photosynthesis using red light or encourage the growth of fruits and flowers with infrared. Thus, whether you are looking for flowering or vegetative help, you will realize marked yield improvement from the Mars Hydro TS 600.

Moreover, this LED grow-light ensures plants receive a healthy green light. This kind of light is essential for improving visibility, allowing the product to mimic sunlight effectively for improved growth and yield. Plus, you can see the plants well while in the grow tent small room.

If you want to grow plants in an open place, the lack of UV light on the Mars Hydro TS 600 can help. Although plants love this kind of light, prolonged exposure would be detrimental. After all, it would be inconvenient to wear sunscreen when you need to attend to your grow tent.

2. Light Intensity and Efficiency of the Grow Lights

The Mars Hydro TS 600 offers the perfect lighting solutions despite the small size. Since it is one of the smallest models in the TS series, it is the ideal LED grow light for a grows tent in a small room if you are worried about an exorbitant shipping cost.

The LED grow-light still packs a punch that exceeds offerings from other manufacturers whose devices consume the same amount of power despite the size. For starters, the output is rated at 245 micromoles per second. In addition, since plants require a PPFD of about 600 to 900, this model offers 986 at the concentration point. Considering the energy demand of the device, these figures are pretty impressive.

d). Other Offerings of the Novice LED Grow Light

Since the Mars Hydro TS 600 comes with an aluminum heat sink, you do not require a fan for cooling. Aluminum is a fantastic conductor of heat, and it does the job well. Plus, there are no concerns about noise or unwanted cooling from a fan. Still, you need to ensure proper ventilation of the growing area.

Nevertheless, some users may be worried about overheating on the plant shelves. The Mars Hydro TS 600 comes with a digital thermostat to help you get precise readings of the crazy bright growing environment. The metal probe is an excellent conductor of heat which makes the thermostat sensitive. In addition, the digital thermostat has a processor that allows it to control the temperature accurately.

Moreover, you can set the temperature via the smart controller. A cache records the temperature you set last and will keep it going when growing indoor plants. In addition, there are LED indicator lights to help you see view the model of operation and a display to show you the exact temperature. Plus, you tweak these settings from 0 to 60 degrees.

These LED grow lights will run for about 50,000 hours before a replacement is necessary. This quality allows you to have well over five and a half years before any of them give you trouble. Similarly, the 1-year warranty does well to cover other parts before your use time elapses. Plus, you can find the manufacturer on social media sites to query them on the LED grow light.

Finally, the heat mat warms up evenly to ensure that the soil maintains a stable temperature. The infrared heating module is enclosed in insulating layers. Plus, the mat is waterproof and is simple to clean when you want to clear out the area. Although it is impervious to moisture, you should not use it when standing water in your growing area.

e). Pros

  • Reasonable price.
  • It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.
  • No noise from a fan.
  • It has a simple design and is easy to set up, making it ideal for new growers.
  • The digital thermostat measures temperature accurately.
  • Smart temperature controller is simple to use.
  • Great light spectrum for warm, green, red and infrared options.
  • You can view the temperature via the display.
  • There is no UV radiation, making it an overwhelming choice for growers applying the device indoors.
  • The LED lights easily produce adequate light while not requiring more energy.

f). Cons

  • The max coverage may be too small for large growers.


Whether you have plant shelves set up or you want to use a grow tent, the Mars Hydro TS 600 offers excellent features while remaining at an affordable price. In addition, the LED grow light has a compact design suitable for hobbyists.

The Hydro TS 600 is pretty energy efficient compared to other products on the market. Thus, you will not notice any significant cost increase in running expenses while reaping gains in the yield. Plus, the model emits green light with no UV radiation to keep your plant shelves nourished and you from harm.

The features we have discussed above make the Mars Hydro TS 600 one of the best novice-LED grow lights on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on LED Grow Lights

1. Are Mars Hydro LEDs any good?

The Mars Hydro LED lights are some of the most advanced you can find. They use SMD technology and are evenly spaced on the reflector, for starters. Additionally, the LEDs can produce 3000K, 5000K, infrared and red spectrums. Plus, the intensity is pretty robust without requiring a lot of power.

The company claims the LEDs will last for 50,000 hours, which means you get plenty of use time. In addition, the light lacks UV radiation, making it safe for indoor use.

2. How many watts is Marsh Hydro TS 600?

The Mars Hydro TS 600 has a 20-watt output which is pretty stable. Also, the high value puts this model higher than others in the industry. Plus, it can deliver a quick and consistent temperature increase.

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