Mars Hydro 300W Review

Balancing the conditions in your indoor garden is a sure-fire technique for improving the yield results from your garden. When you have the right balance of resources, the results of your garden can improve significantly. In this guide, we shall be going in-depth on why you need a good grow light to achieve the best results.

To be specific, we recommend this Mars Hydro 300W review for various reasons. First, it’s simple to use, and its recommended by thousands of gardeners worldwide. We know you need a grow light for your current project, and this is why we recommend you start with this review.

Why We Liked Mars Hydro 300 ?

There are various positive aspects we saw on the Mars Hydro 300W Grow Light. Aside from being powerful and straightforward to use, this light is an excellent addition to grow rooms and garden spaces. It’s compact, and the appealing finish means that it also complements your kitchen space. We also compared this light to other similar models, such as the Roleadro Plant Grow Light and the ACKE LED Grow Light. We found that the Mars Hydro has various positive aspects over such serious contenders. Below is a review of some of these critical aspects a

mars hydro 300w

Features of the Mars Hydro 300W

Powerful 300W Light

Perhaps the most significant component of this unit would be the 300W light, which consists of powerful SMD LEDs. These LEDs can provide 30% better light quality than the conventional LEDs you will find in the market. Furthermore, the light produced by this unit is a full spectrum light. What is the benefit of such a unit? 

Well, it’s a full-spectrum light that is suitable for plants at all stages of growth. Before buying a grow light, remember that you evaluate the capacity of the light. A good light should provide more than adequate to eliminate your grow space, and it should also be customizable. Its nothing short of what you can expect from the Mars Hydro 300w light which can serve various applications.

Energy Saving

According to the Mars Hydro Brand, this unit only consumes “120watt±10%”. It’s the almost the same amount of power consumption you would expect with a HID or 150W HPS light. More so, it would also make up for a sufficient light for a 2 x 2 grow room. The light features a special SMD LED technology that provides excellent heat dissipation and longevity. It provides all these benefits while still providing excellent PPFD and lumen levels. 

Energy saving is a crucial factor to consider when getting a good light for your grow room. Its especially important if you have several plants, or if you have to use the lights for many hours. Therefore, remember to determine the energy efficiency levels before settling on a specific light for your grow room projects.

Safe to Use

Designed to be easy to use, you just have to plug in this unit and turn it on. Thanks to the separate integrated circuit board and heat sink, you are sure that the electrical components on this unit are safe from damage. Also, the makers of this unit have done well to include a high-speed dissipating fan for optimal performance. The fans work to cool down the lights efficiently, and they don’t produce any noise when in operation. 

High-Quality Design

The makers of this unit have also been benevolent in many ways with the design of this light. For instance, thanks to the reflective frame design, you are sure of uniform light intensity for the plants, and optimal absorption of chlorophyll. As such, you are assured of improved photosynthesis levels when you have the Mars Hydro 300W light. You will also be pleased to know that this unit features modern PC material, an excellent alternative to materials such as a vitreous board. It’s a unique material because it reduces the weight of the light compared to the conventional grow light design. 

Portable and Easy to Set Up

As one of the best grow lights on the market, growers will be pleased with the compact yet portable design of this unit. Yes, while this unit might be compact in size, its easy to move around, and won’t cause any compromise on your mobility. Furthermore, the light takes up a small footprint in your space, and delvers high quality light that guarantees the success of your plants. You can even use it along with another similar light, to provide adequate light for several plants in your large grow room!

Mars Hydro 300W Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does the mars hydron on eBay and amazon belong to the same company?

A. It’s from the same company and service. You will also be pleased to know that both companies offer the product at similar prices. The benefit of using Amazon is that the product will ship faster.

Q. Does this unit come with inbuilt IR and UV lights?

A. Dear customer, thank you for your question. However, this product does not come with an IR or UV. However, you will find this feature on the Mars2 or Reflector series of lights. Here is the link to the light Reflector 48 and MARS II. I hope this helps. 

Regards, Mars Hydro.

Q. What is the rating of the white LED, and why does it not have any IR or UV LEDs?

A.  Dear customer, thanks for your question. That said, you may have to go for the Reflector 48 and MARS II which have IRS. Honestly, the UV does not have any benefits for plants, and you only need a little IR. 

Regards, Mars Hydro 

Q. Can I plug in a European 220v socket?

A. Yes, the power rating of this lets you connect to a 220v socket.

Grow Light Buying Guide

For Starters: Questions to Ask

  • Asking these few questions can help you make an informed decision. They include:
  • What types of plants will you grow?
  • Will you grow year-round plants or just start the seeds during the spring season?
  • How tall do you expect the plants to get?
  • Where will you install the light – in your living room, or a space in the basement?
  • Do you need a movable light?

Grow Light Basics

All green plants have to perform photosynthesis, which is a process that cells use to convert their energy to sugar. During this process, plants produce oxygen. 

When it comes to light, the needs of plants vary, and you have to consider this when investing in the correct grow lights. A good example would be the low light houseplants such as dracaenas, or tomatoes that require low light to germinate. That said, seedlings need lots of light, and any compromise to their light can lead to compromised growth. In some cases, even the sunniest window won’t provide the intensity and quality of light required for the plants to grow.

Key Lighting Terms

  • Intensity – refers to the amount of light that will reach the surface from a specific distance and a given light source. Usually, most brands include mechanisms that you can use to regulate the intensity of light.
  • Duration – it refers to the amount of time the plant will be exposed to light in a 24-hour duration. You can regulate this amount by switching the lights on or off. Most high-end brands include functions such as a programmable timer for ease of use. 
  • Color – refers to the visual appearance of a light. Usually, grow lights are designed to provide a full spectrum light. The light from the plants might be blue (“cool”) or red(“warm”). Remember to check the color of light before getting a growing light. 

LED or Fluorescent?

It boils down to factors such as the chosen light brand, and its specific features, which you have to consider. Also, factors such as the types of plants, and your budget are crucial in your choices in LED vs. fluorescent lights. 

LEDs are excellent for plants. Most high-end brands calibrate their products to meet the specific needs of indoor plants. With some blue light, you can expect improved photosynthesis, strong roots, and peak development when using LEDs. More so, they use a small amount of electricity and last way longer than fluorescent bulbs. 

Also, these types are environment friendly. The mercury-free LED tubes won’t break down as much when compared to the glass types. Even more, the fluorescent types are affordable and might be an excellent addition to your indoor garden. Regular incandescent bulbs are not suitable for growing, as they can produce excessive levels of heat. 

How Long Should the Grow Light Be Left On?

Plants require different levels of light for growth and development. The general rule of thumb is to note that most plants will require 12 hours of light every day. Plus, the flowering plants sit at the top section of this range. Remember that the plants also need some darkness, with 8 hours being the recommended amount. 

The darkness is crucial for plant development. During the day, the sun helps the plant produce energy during photosynthesis. That said, during the night, the plants use this energy in a process referred to as “respiration.”

Check the specifications of your plants or information before making a decision. Also, ensure you occasionally turn off the grow lights, as no one can work 24 hours a day effectively. 

Grow Light Placement Tips

Placing or hanging lights makes up for the best set up, over your grow room plants. Why? Because it’s similar to the natural sunlight produce overhead, and it ensures all the crucial sections of the plant receive light. 

The typical school of thought would be to place your light at least 20 inches over the plants. The LED and fluorescent lights have a lower heat signature, which means that you can place them at slightly lower levels. You may have to consult a professional service for additional information on light selection. Remember that the lighting placement depends on the amount of light the plant requires and its specific characteristics.

Mars Hydro 300W Review: Final Thoughts

Controlling the light levels and intensity in your grow room is an essential factor to consider. Light is among some of the vital resources required to achieve optimal development. In this Mars Hydro 300w review, we have identified the useful information you need when investing in a grow light. Plus, the Mars Hydro 300w light makes up for one of the best lights for grow rooms. The light is compact, sturdy and durable – a unique combination of features you won’t find on most light brands. 

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