Best UFO LED Grow Light

A large, grow room requires the correct resources if you want to achieve the best yield. Among some of the most important factors to consider is the quality of light – which is determined by the type of light you install on the grow room. When you have the best UFO LED grow light, you are sure that you can have quality light for your garden each time.

These lights are not only easy to install, but you can customize them to suit the setting of your garden. However, there are many brands and types available out there, and you have to consider these factors. Therefore, we have identified some of the top brands for you to consider:

How to Buy the Best LED Grow Light

Watts and Lumens

The high UFO led lights are available in varying watt levels, and you also need to keep track of the lumen levels. As LEDs get more efficient, they tend to use a small amount of watts. It is easy to select one based on the height of the lights. There are different levels of lights, including: 

  • 10-18 feet – This height is ideal for lights with 10,000 to 16,000 lumens. 
  • 15-23 feet – This height is suitable for lights with 16,000 to 21,000 lumens. 
  • 25-39 feet – For this height, lights with 34,000 lumens are perfect.


The spacing between lights is also crucial when you want to buy UFO LED grow lights. There are three main instances which you should consider when you want to buy grow lights. They include:

  • At 15 feet height, an average of 13 feet spacing is perfect for bright light. That said, if you need a regular light, you should have more than 16 feet of space. 
  • At 20 feet high, you can look for 16 feet spacing for producing bright light, and if you also need a traditional light, a spacing of 19 feet will be ideal.
  • At 32 feet height, consider going for a space averaging 20 feet between the lights, to get the brightest results. That said, for normal light, consider going for 27 feet of spacing

Number of Lights

Once you have determined the amount of spacing required between the lights, its good to determine the number of lights needed. The number of lights required depends on the amount of space available. Using the spacing and the required quality of brightness, it will be easy to determine the number of lights required for a particular area.

Type of Lights

The UFO led lights are available in different sizes and shapes. The most common types are the round lights, which are common in most grow rooms today. However, not many people are aware that round light will spread light just fine, especially when installed correctly. Above 15 feet, it’s best to go for round lights. These are easy to install, especially in places with aisles. For the lower heights, you can go for the wide-angle style lights.

How to Calculate Lux?

Lux is a challenging metric to calculate. Why? You may have to come up with a full CAD plan. That said, there are many convenient techniques you can use to calculate LUX. You can accomplish this goal, along with other factors such as the lumens per square foot in the given space area. Furthermore, the ideal number often averages at 2 lumens per cubic foot. However, if you want a bright light, consider going for the 4 lumens per cubic foot types.

Consider Cross Over Lighting

To achieve the best lighting results, its best to have light coming from many directions. This approach is referred to as over lighting. You want to get the light from as many as 3 locations. The light coming from opposite sides will stop shadows and will improve the quality of light. Thus, you are sure of a quality light, which does not have any hot spots that are common with most appliances today.

Benefits of The Best UFO LED Grow Light

Energy Savings

You will notice a significant reduction in energy used, which is also a key benefit of switching. The LED lights are much more efficient when compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. LED lights often use half the energy of the conventional 350-watt fluorescent light tube. Obviously, most brands create different light types to cater to specific consumer needs.

Long Lasting and Cool

The LED lights are also designed to be much more durable than the conventional light bulbs you will find. Some of these lights can even provide well over 500,000 hours of use. Obviously, the lifespan of the bulb varies, especially in relation to how you use it. Furthermore, an LED light that is used for 7 hours of the day can last for well over five years. These bulbs are also known for staying cooler for long periods, such that you don’t have to worry about overheating.

Durability and Sight Advantages

Most brands are aware of the high cost and time investment required to get LEDs, especially for large grow rooms. Therefore, most brands provide lights which are durable, and easy to install all thanks to specially created and durable mounts. Furthermore, these lights also provide excellent sight advantages, which makes for large spaces such as big grow rooms.

Top 5 UFO LED Grow Light Reviews 2021

ufo led grow light growstar

You are one step away from improving the quality of your yield. Why? Well, the Growstar UFO LED light makes up for the way to enhance the functionality of your grow room. When compared to the conventional HPS grow light, this unit helps you save more energy and money. It features an Advanced CREE LED chip and full-spectrum design. This means that the grow light uses CREE LED chips, which will deliver exceptional grow light quality.

The light also has a rating of 380-760n, thus making it ultra-efficient, and suitable for all stages of growth. It even features an inbuilt aluminum heat sink and air crack grade aluminum case. The case can quickly emit the heat from the lamp inside to outside. Thus, it makes up for the perfect unit to keep the LEDs cool and extend the average light service life.

With a grow light angle of 90 to 120 degrees, this light shines of a larger lighting area, and also offers exceptional brightness. Thus, it makes an outstanding improvement on the output the light can deliver at any point.

The Good

  • HPS grow light saves energy and money
  • 380-760nm Advanced full-spectrum light
  • Powerful cooling system with the LEDs
  • Aircraft-grade and high heat conduction case

The Bad

  • Requires a lot of effort to install correctly
  • Could be available with a large mounting kit

Other Top Picks

ufo led grow light growstar 150w

You can quickly improve the yield of your garden with the UFO Led grow light by Growstar. This grow light is energy efficient and suitable for your use in your modern grow room. It also features an advanced CREE LED chip and full-spectrum light, which is perfect for your needs. Even more, the light rating averages at 380-760nm, which is ideal for plant vegetables and flowers at all stages of growth.

The makers of this unit have also done well to expose it to a temperature test for optimal durability. The grow light even comes with an in-built heat sink and aircraft-grade aluminum case. The case can quickly produce heat from the lamp inside to outside, thus ensuring the LEDs stay cool while also improving the service life of the lights. While the aluminum shell might heat up during operation, this is a normal phenomenon and won’t cause damage to the light. 

Even more, the light also has a 90 to a 120-degree angle, which provides a much-improved lighting area and brightness level. Thus, your grow room plants will enjoy high quality light each time. It’s an extensive application light, which you can use indoors for soil or hydroponic horticulture purposes. This includes planting flowers, vegetables, germination of seedlings, and more.

The Good

  • Aluminum shell heats up during operation
  • 90 to the 120-degree light angle
  • Heavy-duty light design is durable
  • Comes with an inbuilt heat sink

The Bad

  • N/A
mrhua 300w ufo led grow light

Make your grow room much more functional with the Mrhua 300W UFO LED Grow Light. This grow light is suitable for indoor use, and it has a unique UFO shape. Even more, the 380-760nm full spectrum mode includes UV and IR components. Thus, the center of the grow lamp can produce intense light in a narrow field, thus providing more lumen per centimeter. With such a unique delivery of light, you can be sure of quality light that can penetrate the thick foliage of leaves in your garden,

It also has a compact size that offers a low power consumption level, and without any compromise on the lumens. The Mrhua 300W UFO LED light provides the best input and output ratio of any grow room light you can find. As one of the most dynamic grow lights on the market, this unit suits a wide application. For instance, you can use the light indoors for soil or hydroponic horticulture purposes. 

The light also classifies as a full spectrum tool, with various colors including red, blue, green, and orange. These lights are readily absorbed by plants, from seedling to harvest, thus making them perfect for indoor use. A failure of one of the LEDs on this unit does not compromise the functionality of the other LEDs. When compared to most grow lights, this unit offers exceptional energy-saving benefits.

The Good

  • UFO design structure with an onboard chip
  • Compact size offers low power consumption 
  • Full-spectrum with UV and IR
  • Reliable and energy-saving light saves more energy

The Bad

  • Requires a few minutes to install correctly
  • Is not durable enough
hyperikon high bay led ufo

Realize what you have been missing in your garden by installing the Hyperikon High Bay LED UFO light. This high output fixture has a lumen count of 13,000, and a CRI rating of 84+, which is perfect for grow rooms. Even more, the fresnel lens is made using non-yellowing polycarbonate material, which can spread the crystal white light beam at a unique angle.

The light also offers excellent heat dissipation, and it has a durable cast body with a fin design for enhanced light distribution. While the Hyperikon LED UFO light is a compact unit, it packs the power of a full high bay unit into a small, yet powerful fixture. Made using durable materials, the die-cast aluminum body is durable and ensures years of reliable longevity. It even has a heat and impact resistant design that can provide a lifespan of over 40,000 hours. 

The makers of this unit have also done well to ensure that it’s a versatile unit for lighting applications. To be specific, the 50000k UFO High bay illuminates your space both indoor and outdoor, all thanks to the crystal white glow. More so, the compact composition of the high bay fixture, also makes it ideal for various applications.

The Good

  • 130 lumens power watt of light
  • Durable cast body has a fin design
  • 5000K UFO light illuminates both your indoor and outdoor space
  • The compact body offers exceptional heat dissipation

The Bad

  • The grow light could use a much more durable body structure
  • The installation fixture requires specific points
roledro led grow lights

Owning a grow room is about investing in the right tools. This is why we recommend the Roledro LED grow light, which has an exceptional nine-band spectrum. Even more, this powerful UFO LED light is suitable for various stages of plant growth, and its also easy to install. To make things better, the professional spectrum light has an exceptional proportion, with the ideal mixture of red and blue colors. With such a unique blend of lights, you can be sure this light is perfect for many environments, including for plant growth and yield. 

The light also provides a better cooling effect, as when compared to the UL approved fans. Thanks to the unique aluminum heat conduction plate, this grow light produces lower noise and makes heat dissipation convenient. More so, the light will rapidly improve the growth rate of your plants, with growth rates improving within 12 days of use. 

The light is also perfect for the vegetative stage, where the plant will require 12 – 16 hours for the flowering stage. 

The Good

  • Nine band light spectrum is convenient to use
  • Suitable for all stages of plant growth
  • Professional spectrum light with a good combination of red and blue
  • Better cooling effect and made using aluminum material

The Bad

  • The lights are somewhat heavy than other brands
  • Could use a better mounting fixture structure


When you have plants growing, such as in a large grow room, you should have the right resources to ensure the best results. To be specific, the best UFO LED grow light is perfect for grow rooms with many plants, and when you want to achieve a competitive edge over other growers. These lights are simple to install, and perfect for any type of plant you have in your grow room. The best part is that you can adjust the lights to suit a specific purpose.

We have identified the best lights in this category for you to consider. These lights are sturdy and will take the results of your grow room to the next level. 

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