Dehumidifier Outside or Inside Grow Tent?

Humidity is a big deal for growing plants.

But too much humidity leads to condensation and condensation leads to molds and other issues.

Therefore, using humidifiers is the way out to deal with high humidity.

But there’s a debate going on about placing dehumidifiers. Whether to place dehumidifiers outside or inside grow tent.

The answer is simple.

You can place dehumidifiers both outside and inside grow tent. But your decision to do that depends upon your grow tent air movement, your grow tent size, etc. factors.

Now, without further delay let’s jump right into the details-

Deciding where to place the dehumidifier

Where to place your dehumidifier depends upon 2 factors. Analyze your situation based upon these two factors and then decide if you can put a dehumidifier in a grow tent.

Factor 1: Grow Tent Size

This is the first and foremost factor in case of placing a dehumidifier.

Your grow tent might not have enough space. In this situation don’t pull out a plant to create space for a dehumidifier. Simply place a dehumidifier outside grow tent.

So, where to put your dehumidifier depends upon the different size of tents.

Factor 2: Grow Tent Air Movement

How much air are you passing through your grow tent?

The most powerful dehumidifier has 200 m³/h air capacity. If your extractors remove any more air than 200 m³/h, then you have to put your dehumidifier outside.

Let’s say you put your dehumidifier in a room with 300 m³/h air flow. Now, your dehumidifier will start working. But by the time it was supposed to dehumidify the whole tent air, new air replaces the old air.

So, your grow tent becomes humid again. Soon you’ll see condensation in grow room.

Placing Dehumidifier Outside Grow Tent

After analyzing your situation, if you find out that you should place your dehumidifier outside grow tent, then we’re here to help you out. Actually, this process is a bit similar to installing carbon filter outside grow tent.

But it has some differences too. So, let’s go through the process-

As you are planning to place your dehumidifier outside grow tent then we are supposing that one dehumidifier would be enough for your grow tent.

So, there are two ways to place dehumidifier outside grow tent. One is using a whole room dehumidifier and the other is using a ducted dehumidifier in grow room.

Option 1: Whole Room Dehumidifier

Here we’re assuming that your grow tent is inside a room. And your grow tent is taking air from inside the room.

Now, the plan is simple. You have to use a dehumidifier to pull down the RH of the whole room.

If your room air RH drops down, then your grow tent will automatically receive dry air.

Option 2: Ducted Dehumidifier

This process is a bit complicated but more effective and cost friendly. Here you’ll need some extra items other than your dehumidifier.

Here’s your shopping list-

  1. Duct flanging kit
  2. Box cutter
  3. Duct tape
  4. Insulating duct
  5. Cardboard box

Now let’s go through these steps-

  1. At first, find a cardboard box suitable for holding your dehumidifier. Next place it securely near a power source. You don’t want to use extra wiring for powering up your dehumidifier.
  2. Next, cut up a hole in your box based on your dehumidifier inlet size. Cut the whole near ground side of the box.
  3. Place your dehumidifier inside the box in a way so that the dehumidifier inlet stays out of the box. Then make this hole airtight.
  4. On the other end of the box cut another hole and connect an insulating duct in there.
  5. The insulating duct will connect the box with your grow tent intake fan.
  6. Now secure all the connections and power up your dehumidifier.

This way you’ll be able to feed dry air to your grow tent directly.

Placing Dehumidifier Inside Grow Tent

Many growers ask- Can you put a dehumidifier in grow room?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the answer is yes. You can put a dehumidifier in a grow room. But you need to know the perfect set of considerations.

Where to place a dehumidifier in grow tent?

This question alone has been bothering growers all around the world for a long time. You’ll find people revealing their dehumidifier layout. But best dehumidifier output doesn’t solely depend upon dehumidifier placement in grow room.  

We’re here to reveal the top checkpoints that you should consider while using a dehumidifier in grow room.

So, let’s get going with it-

Know Your Dehumidifier Capacity

Plants release almost all the water they absorb. So, you need a dehumidifier that can handle all that humidity.

Let’s clear this out with an example.

Suppose you use 30 gallons of water daily and around 8 gallons end up being in the drain. So, you have around 22 gallons floating around the air.

Now, let’s do the calculation. 8 pints equal to 1 gallon. So, you need a 176-pint dehumidifier to clear up your grow room.

Therefore, make sure you do the math properly and use the capable dehumidifier for grow room.

Perfect Placement

Dehumidifier placement in grow room can either make things easy for you or it can be vice versa.

If you have good airflow form the fans, then you can place the dehumidifier above the lights.

If you have more than one dehumidifier, then leave even spacing among those.

This spacing is important because this creates a zone for each of the dehumidifiers. So, if in one zone humidity increases, a dehumidifier can handle its own zone.

Another upside of this is that it’ll act as a failsafe. If you had only 1 dehumidifier covering all the area, then it would’ve been a bad mess for you.

Also, don’t forget to keep attention to details-

For example, face the filter side of your dehumidifiers towards the middle of the room.

Only with good placement, your dehumidifier for grow room will deliver top notch service.


Question: Can I use a dehumidifier in grow tent for drying?

Answer: Yes, you can. Get your plants on the drying room and run the dehumidifiers. If you maintain all the steps, then you can finish up the drying process within 7-10 days.

Question: Can I use dehumidifier water for my plants?

Answer: Yes, you can. Dehumidifier waters have no contaminants or metals. Just make sure that the air input is properly filtered.

Question: Do dehumidifiers make a room cold?

Answer: No. It releases dry and warm air into the grow room. However, it can help in cooling the air. As it reduces the RH, air can easily be cooled down.

Bottom Line

Cutting edge research says dehumidifier must be controlled according to the plant life stage.

Using dehumidifiers is a great part of ensuring better growth for your plants.

We believe that by now your confusion about dehumidifier placement has been disappeared.

So, get to work and make the best environment for your grow plants.

Good luck!

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