8 Best Dehumidifier for Grow Room To Buy In 2022

Creating a comfortable environment in a grow space can be an excellent investment – especially when you have the correct information. To be specific, the quality of air, maintaining it is not easy. The air our plants breathe often gets contaminated by various elements, and we have to keep track of these factors. With the best dehumidifier, you can maintain optimal humidity levels for your plant’s growth. For those who are not aware, humidity is among some of the critical factors to consider about optimal plant growth.

You can create a more productive environment for plant growth when you have a dehumidifier. Too much humidity will compromise the lifespan of your plants and the quality of yield as well. Furthermore, since these tools operate indoors, the sound level is of utmost importance.

There are various key factors to consider before you buy the best dehumidifier for a grow room. Being able to take these factors into perspective will improve the quality of yield significantly. They include: 

Dehumidifier Size Categories


These are suitable for mid to large sized grow rooms, and can typically produce 50 pints of moisture and up. Even if medium capacity can sometimes cost like large models, you will often pay less for such tools.

Large Capacity

These types can remove as much as 60 to 70 pints per day. Furthermore, they are also suitable for working on a wide range of humidity levels, with no added functionality required. You may also be able to run the machines on a lower and quieter setting. If you have a large and wet grow room, go for the largest model you can afford. Even if it’s available at an extra cost, the performance makes it worth it.

Small Capacity

For midsized or large spaces that aren’t quite as damp, these models are typically claimed to remove up to 50 pints of moisture per day. While medium-capacity dehumidifiers can sometimes cost as much as large models, you’ll usually pay less.


These units are available as portable machines or can be used as the main add-ons to the existing central heating system. Most brands say these machines can handle large areas of as much as 5,000 square feet in size. These units tend to be less expensive but might have high energy consumption costs.

Best Dehumidifier Features

  • Auto-restart/ shut down – available on most dehumidifiers, this unit turns on the unit after a power outage. Furthermore, it also lets you set when the unit should no longer operate, and it’s useful for when you have blackouts. 
  • Hose connection – All the dehumidifiers in this category let you connect a hose for removing air from the dehumidifier. This function makes it easy to divert condensed air to the floor drain. This way, you don’t have to empty a bucket. If you have a grow room in the basement with a floor drain, then a dehumidifier with pump can direct water out through a slop sink or drain.
  • Timer – A timer is vital because it lets you program the unit to turn on and off when it’s not in use – which makes it a critical energy-saving function. To make the most of a timer, consider going for a dehumidifier that has LCD controls
  • Front control sensor – all the high-end dehumidifiers come with a sensor that turns of the unit if frost develops on the coils. This is a common occurrence in cold areas, and it helps reduce energy wastage.
  • Clean filter alert – its an inevitable fact that the filter in your dehumidifier will get dirty and require replacement. Most brands in our reviews come with indicators to show when its suitable to clean the filter. 
  • Easy to empty bucket – this unit should also feature ergonomic handles, and cover that makes it easy to remove or carry when full
  • Machine efficiency – you also want a unit that is efficient in power consumption and air filtration as well. For instance, a 2000ml capacity unit should be able to remove 750ml of moisture easily. On average, this covers an area of 100 – 250 sq. ft.
  • Silent operation – this unit also features advanced technology, without any compressor to make it quiet in operation. The ideal noise level should average at 60db per day, for convenient operation results.

Changes in the Dehumidifier Aisle

Most dehumidifier boxes come with indications of the pint rating, which refers to the amount of water the unit can remove in 24 hours. It’s an important factor to consider when you want to invest in the best dehumidifier for your needs. A good unit can remove an average 30 to 70 pints of moisture from the air, and deliver exceptional results.

Factors to Consider Before You Shop

Consider Where You Will Install the Machine

Noise is of significant concern in living areas. The measurements range from 3 feet away and can average at 50 decibels, which is the sound of a running fridge. Furthermore, you also have to consider factors such as the energy bills, and whether the machine will fit in the given space.

Large or Wet Spaces

On average, the level of dampness in your space is directly proportional to the size of the dehumidifier you can choose. The best large capacity brands can remove moisture fast and efficiently in a grow room.

Fix Existing Problems

Even the best dehumidifier will not work effectively if you grow room is not well sealed off, and moisture gets in. Consider downspouts work correctly, and the gutters close by don’t have any clogs.

Top 8 Dehumidifier for Grow Room Reviews

ivation gdm30

The Ivation GDM30 is an excellent addition to your grow room. It’s a powerful and highly effective mid-size machine that will make gardening a simple process. Furthermore, the humidifier is compact, lightweight, and offers outstanding energy consumption levels. 

Designed to suit spaces of 2,200 cubic feet in size, this mid-size dehumidifier is ideal for removing moisture in stagnant areas and mildew-stricken rooms. Whether it’s a bathroom or laundromat, it does well to remove the mustiness in the air, and any unpleasant odors. Furthermore, this unit can quietly pull humidity at a level of 20 ounces per day. 

Fitted with a removable water reservoir that has a water capacity of 53 ounces, this unit is easy to maintain. This spares you the hassle of having to empty the overflowing tank each day, as this unit can perform three days of reliable dehumidification. It also comes with a shut-off functionality when it reaches its maximum capacity. Thanks to the inclusion of a convenient light, this unit goes on to remind you of when the tanks are ready for emptying. 

You will also be pleased that this unit offers quiet operation because it does not have any moving components. The dehumidifier is compact and lightweight, which makes it simple to move around different rooms as required.

The Good

  • Thermoelectric Peltier module technology suitable for mid-size vehicles
  • 16 fl oz per day and reliable water reservoir capacity
  • Silent operation because it has no moving parts
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport

The Bad

  • Takes time to set up effectively
  • Could use large size metric readings
tosot 30 pint dehumidifier

With the TOSOT 1500 Square inch pint dehumidifier, you can be sure of a unit that can remove as much as 20 pints of air each time. It’s a small dehumidifier, but it’s very powerful and can work for large rooms of as 1500 square feet in size. Furthermore, the unit also comes with a continuous gravity drain, which you can use to bypass the bucket and remove water through the sump pump.

To make things better, the TOSOT 1,500 square inch dehumidifier also helps to create a more comfortable environment in the home by making the air clean. A good dehumidifier is also super silent in operation. For this reason, this unit operates at a peak sound level of 48 decibels. This way, you will never notice if the dehumidifier is in place. For comparison, you 50 decibels is the sound that comes from a normal conversation with someone.

The TOSOT brand has also done well to incorporate this unit with a host of unique and convenient design features. For instance, if you experience a power outage due to a storm, then this unit will easily revert to the last settings you selected.

The Good

  • Silent in operation and operates at 48 dB
  • Reverts back to last power settings
  • Heavy duty and compact design
  • Sets up easy

The Bad

  • The attachment holes are not large enough
  • Could use large knobs for machine customization
inofia 30 pints dehumidifiers

Discover the excellence of the Inofia 30 Pints Dehumidifier, which is perfect for clearing the air of any form of mustiness. This sturdy home dehumidifier comes with a powerful compressor and an exceptional 112 CFM fan system. As such, this unit can remove as much as 4 gallons of moisture each day, in spaces that are as large as 1,000 square feet. Furthermore, no more sticky, clammy feeling or smell in your bathroom, small basement, or attic. 

You just have to simply set the target humidity level to be between 30 to 80%, and allow this machine to run intelligently. In fact, this unit will stop automatically, to dehumidify when you achieve the target humidity level. It will also restart automatically when it senses that you reach above the target level. More so, this unit can remove as much as 4 gallons of water from the air in 24 hours. 

You just set your desired humidity, and this unit will level out the humidity level conveniently. The tool also comes with switchable fan speed and a programmable timer for your convenience. While the 4-pint reservoir is a handy feature, connecting a drain hose to achieve an automatic drain is also a significant benefit. This unit even comes with a compact size and recessed handle, which makes it easy to transfer from room to room

The Good

  • 30 PINT dehumidifier can remove 4 gallons of water
  • Auto defrost and power outage restart
  • Compact size and recessed handle 
  • Smooth operation and programmable timer

The Bad

  • Cleaning the air filter is not easy
  • You may struggle during installation
vremi dehumidifier

Excess moisture levels do not care about the size of your room. Moisture will always increase, thus leading to the accumulation of bacteria, and triggering various types of allergens. This is why the Vremi 1,500 square inch dehumidifier might be an excellent addition to your modern space. Designed to remove as much as 22 pints of air each day, this unit is an energy efficient addition to your bathroom or even living space. 

The Vremi brand has done well to design this unit with convenience and style in mind. It has a sleek, clean look, with convenient in-built wheels and handles to make it simple to use at all times. The dehumidifier is also simple to adjust to the ideal moisture setting, and it can run a continuous 24-hour cycle until the tank is full. For added convenience, this unit even has a drain hose outlet for continuous draining and the best air filtration results. 

Thus, you can place the dehumidifier in your living room, office, and favorite room while still enjoying optimal dehumidification functionalities. It also operates quietly and efficiently, with additional functions such as the auto shut off feature for your convenience. 

It’s a portable dehumidifier that reduces odors and allergens by removing bacteria from the air. The tool also comes with a turbo mode that increases the fan speed from typical atmosphere CFM 129 TO CFM 138 for optimal moisture removal.

The Good

  • 1500 sq. ft medium room dehumidifier
  • Inbuilt wheels and handles for your convenience
  • Simple to adjust design with a 24-hour cycle
  • Also has turbo mode

The Bad

  • Warms up when used for several hours
  • Could use better installation ports
honati home dehumidifier

The Honati Home Dehumidifier is an excellent addition to your contemporary grow room. This unit will quickly and effectively remove excess moisture from the air and with exceptional results. It has a compact design, which makes it ideal for use in storage rooms, kitchen, offices, RVs, and more. With an outstanding 2000ml capacity, this unit can quickly and effectively remove up to 750ml of moisture per day in your space. If you experience high levels of rain in your area, then a dehumidifier is a must.

The Honati Home Dehumidifier also has ultra-quiet technology, that brings you to a comfortable environment during machine operation. This way, you can run the machine all day and night without any disturbing noises. 

Thanks to the inclusion of an inbuilt automatic shut off protection, the dehumidifier does well to stop issues such as flooding or water overflow. The Honati 2000ml dehumidifier will shut off when the water tank is full, and it’s safe for use when you are out or perhaps when sleeping.

The Good

  • Advanced Peltier technology with no compressor
  • Auto shut off and in-built grow room protection
  • Portable design and LED indicator included 
  • The dehumidifier is silent and efficient in operation

The Bad

  • Short auto shut off timer range
  • Could use improved installation holes
colzer 30 pints portable dehumidifier

There is something appealing about a home with quality air – its comfortable, and you get the best rest and sleep experience. This is why the COLZER 30 pints dehumidifier might just be an excellent addition to your living space. This unit is portable, and it comes with wheels, which make it simple to move around your space. Furthermore, this compact unit is only suitable for use in humidity rooms, of as much as 1,500 square feet. Whether you want to use it in a bedroom, bathroom, or even a basement, this unit is perfect for your needs. 

If you want to run this machine continuously, you can simply connect it to a drainage hose for enhanced performance. At 3.2 feet long, the hose tank is long enough for you to connect to a basin or removal area. You will also have to never worry about the tank, even when you have attached the hose to the unit. Equipped with an ample sized 1.2-gallon water tank with water level detection, this dehumidifier is perfect for air filtration applications. 

The makers of this unit have also done well to include an easy to use control panel with large numbers and symbols. You can run this dehumidifier in two settings, the dry and dehumidify setting, which makes it highly convenient for your needs.

The Good

  • Suitable for rooms of 1,500 square feet
  • Can remove up to 30 pints of moisture from the air
  • Easy to use control panel with large symbols
  • 1.2-gallon water tank with water level detection

The Bad

  • The control panel is not an LCD
  • Produces a slight noise in the high mode
hysure quiet and portable dehumidifier

Realize what you have been missing in your indoor space with the Hysure Quiet and Portable Dehumidifier. This unit is highly efficient, and it can remove as much as 750 ml of waste air each day. Furthermore, it has a unique design that does well to protect your home from mold and mildew issues. You will also appreciate the fact that this unit is ultra-quiet in operation, and that it has Peltier technology. The noise level of this unit is below 33 dB, with no annoying sound, and you can even set a specific humidity level.

This unit is so efficient, such that you will be able to see the moisture level collected in the tank, even after several hours of operation

Even more, the dehumidifier has an auto shut off function, which means this unit switches off once it reaches full capacity. It even has an indicator light that will go on to remind you to empty the tank. You will also be pleased with the low energy consumption of this unit, and that it operates with no chemical substances.

The Good

  • Can remove moisture of up to 750 ml per day
  • Ultra-quiet technology and uses Peltier technology
  • Auto shut off function and indicator light included
  • Operates at 33 DB noise level

The Bad

  • N/A
pro breeze electric mini dehumidifier

You deserve to enjoy quality when indoors. This is why the Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier is an excellent addition to your indoor space. It can fit in small areas such as the garage, basement, caravan, and boat. The tool makes use of Peltier technology, which is energy efficient and whisper-quiet in operation. Even more, this unit comes with a large water tank and auto shut off functionality. When it reaches the 52 ounces water tank capacity, it has a convenient indicator light which lets you know when the machine is full. 

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when buying a dehumidifier is that it should be simple to install. This is why the Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier sets up easy, and can provide several hours of reliable air filtration performance. It is also whisper quiet in operation, and the heavy-duty design means that it offers years of cleaning results in your grow room. 

The tool will then switch off automatically until the tank is empty. The Pro Breeze brand has also done well to make this unit simple to drain and to use via a water outlet. When full, the dehumidifier will shut off automatically, and the LED turns on automatically to make it a convenient solution for your needs.

The Good

  • Lightweight and portable D can remove up to 18 ounces per day
  • Automatic shut off and LED light will turn on automatically
  • Ultra-quiet and efficient with an inbuilt Peltier technology
  • Can remove 18 ounces per day

The Bad

  • The automatic shut off range is short for some users
  • The exterior finish is not durable enough

Final Verdict

Equipping your grow room with cutting edge solutions is one of the best ways to achieve quality yield and produce results. With the best dehumidifier for a grow room, you are one step closer to becoming a productive farmer. The best part about owning such an appliance for a grow room is that it is simple to use, and does not have major cautionary issues to consider.

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