Best 4×4 Grow Tent Yield? Here’s The Guide to earn 2.5 lbs


When you ask a grower something like- ‘How much can a 4×4 grow tent yield?’, you’ll get no definite answer. They’ll call it a total vague question to ask.

Actually, yield from a 4×4 grow tent can be anything between 1lb to 2lb(16-30oz). But a number of deciding factors are there. Such as the growing style(SoG, ScrOG, Flux, Bush), the height limit, the number of plants, the environment and so on.

But, you know what? Having that said, there is still a relation between the grow space area size and the yield. Tent size is one of the many limitings factors that may affect your final outcome.

But putting some conditions on rest of the variables, you can always get an estimation of yield you can make out of a 4×4 space. And in this post, we’re going to give you hand on that.

Let’s see how we can get you a bang for your bucks-

Deciding Factors of a 4×4(or any size) Grow Tent Yield

Like we said a while ago, tent size is one of the many catalysts that are going to decide you yield. Before answering the question, we want you to have a look at the list-

  1. The grow style(ScrOG, SOG, Bush, Mesh or Flux) and density(16 on each 1m2, 20 on each 1m2 or more denser).
  2. The light type(HID, Fluoroscent or LED) and light wattage(100w, 200w, 500w, 1000w or more).
  3. The strain.  

4×4 Yield Under Different Light Types

If we put everything aside and talk about the impacts of the lights only, it will be easier to discuss.

The rule of thumb regarding light power is, 400-600W of light power for each 1m2 area would bring out the maximum yield. Hence, the total light power required for a 4×4 grow space is near around 800-1200w. You can source that from one 1000w light or a couple of 600w lights.

Many growers can say that one 600w light at a close height can be good. But merely a 600w light is not sufficient unless you’re growing in a 3×4(or smaller tent). You need two of them or one 1000w light at least.

Also, with the increased number of lights, there will be heat issues. Which are, of course, needed to be taken care off.

However, you can check out our guide on watt requirements for grow room for further information.

Apart from the power of the light, the yield has a lot to do with the light type as well. As you know, there are majorly three kinds of lights-

  • Fluorescent lights.
  • HPS lights.
  • LED lights.

For obvious reasons, yield under each of them will be different, even when the power is the same.

Let’s talk about what a 4×4 grow yield will be under different types of lights-

Yield Under Fluoroscent Light

For low key indoor yield, Fluorescent bulbs are most popular to cannabis grower. They are of two types of it- CFL and T5.

If you decide to use fluorescents in your 4×4 tent, we prefer using CFL lights. Because T5 fluorescent lights are meant to be used in bigger spaces.

Now, let’s talk about the yield.

The Yield Count

Under fluorescent lights, you can expect to grow 0.25 grams of buds for 1 watt. That means, with a fluorescent light, 4×4 grow tent 1000w yield would be around 0.5 lbs. Pretty poor, right?  

Yield Under HID(High Intensity Discharge) Light

Comparing to fluorescent, HIDs are much more efficient in terms of yield. They are of three types- MH(Metal Halide), HPS(High-Pressure Sodium) and CMH(Ceramic Metal Halide).   

To get the most out of the light energy, you need to add reflectors or hoods. But a severe problem that comes with HIDs is the heat. You need to install great heat removal tactics, if you decide to use them on your 4×4 tent.

Alright, now let’s have a look at the yields-

The Yield Count

With properly utilized HID light sources, you can expect to earn a yield rate of 1 gram of buds for 1 watt. In other units, it’s possible to get a fresh, high-quality yield of 2.2 lbs just from a 4×4 space.

But there are some conditions to achieve such high yields using HID lamps.

Most growers are likely to stick to only one particular light throughout the entire growth of plants. But for the maximum outcome, use MH lamps at vegetative stages, and then put on an HPS light when it’s the flowering period.  

Yield Under LED Light

As a cost-efficient alternative of HPS lights, many growers prefer using LEDs. They are cooler than all other kinds of light, and setting them up is also easier. Also, they have a good penetration rate.

For producing more resinous buds, many growers trust on a combined LED+HPS lighting system. We can’t really insist that it’s super-effective, but growers have seen great results in such way.

The Yield Count

Comparing to HPS grow lights, LEDs get slightly less yield for each watt. The most commonly earned yield for LEDs is 0.5 grams for 1 watt of power. If you use an 800w light system, the total 4×4 led yield would be 1.1 to 1.5 lbs in total.

For low budget growing, that might seem satisfactory, as LEDs don’t come to be as costly as HPS lamps(including the heat management cost).  

4×4 Yield Under Different Styles(or Density)

At this point, how many plants you can grow on a 4×4 space? And what impacts it has on the total yield?

That brings us to the question that, what growing style you are going to follow? Is ScrOG, SOG, Bush, Mesh or low-stress training?

Well, the style and number of plants to grow in a 4×4 size really depend on the way you’re training your plants, the strain and so on.

The question of the moment is, how many plants in a 4×4 grow tent should you grow for a good outcome? Well, apart from some special cases, here are the best plant density for maximum growth in a 4×4 grow tent-

  1. If you’re growing SOG: 4-16 plants per m2.
  2. If you’re growing Pruning: 1 plants per m2.
  3. If you’re growing with low-stress training: 4 plants per m2.
  4. If you’re growing ScrOG: 1 plant per m2.
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Now, let’s talk about which type of growing style gives you the best yield.

More than 80% of the growers will agree with me if I say that- ScrOG is the best kind of method to earn the best yield in a 4×4 tent. Unless you don’t have a strain that can’t be grown as ScrOG, you can expect to grow 1.5lb to 2lb dry.

In the ScrOG method, you can grow 2 plants in a 4×4 space. But if you try SOG, you can house 15-20 plants. And the yield will be near around 1-1.5lb on general basis.

4×4 Yield for Different Strains

Choosing the right genes is essential. Specially when you don’t want your plants to fail to live up the quality you want to consume.

Here is a list of some high yielding cannabis strains-

Big Bud

Big buds are the most notorious kind of strain when it comes to yield. Just like its name, bug bud can produce an enormous amount of buds. With a good amount of space and height to grow, it can give you up to a yield of 1 lb per plant in a 4×4 space.

Currently, the best seeds that belong to big bud genes is Sensi Seeds.

Blue Dream

Another versatile strain that grows pretty well is Blue Dream. It’s a cross-gene strain of haze and blueberry. But the origin of it is still unknown.

The growth rate is pretty slow. But in 55-60 days, you will find it to turn into high-yielding Sativa dominant plant. Eventually, it will start giving you dense, round nuggets of cannabis.

The final yield in a 4×4 grow space is 1.5-2 lbs. Also, because the plants are large in size, ScrOG or single plant growing is preferred for maximum yield.

However, blue dreams are likely to grow both indoor and outdoor. And it gives comparatively better yield while grown outdoor.

Northern Lights

From beginners to professionals, Northern Lights is great to grow indoor for all. They are likely to grow in 40-50 days on both soil or hydro-system.

In terms of size, the Northern Light is on the short in size. And it’s also a single-cola growing strain. So, you can grow them well in SoG or Bush/Mesh style and still expect a good yield.  

Talking about yield, it will net you a pleasant amount even within a small area like 4×4. The usual 1000 watt grow room yield would be 1.5lbs from a 4×4 grow area.

White Widow

If you’ve seen thick resin cannabis with a solid bud structure, that’s maybe a white widow.

To boost your indoor grow outcome, White Widow is a pretty familiar strain.  Having one of the quickest flowering time of 10 weeks, you can do more frequent cultivation of white widow than many other strains.

From a 4×4 space, you can expect to have around 1-2 lbs of dry yield within a lifespan of 55-60 days.  

Apart from its hefty yield, the white widow is also famous for pleasant aesthetics.

Apart from the aforementioned four strains, there are some more strains that are widely familiar for high growth and yield. Super silver haze, Sour Diesel, Skunk #1, L.S.D etc. are some of them.

How Should You Measure the Yield?

We’re about to learn about yields in a 4×4 grow tent. But the question before is- do you know the right way to measure the yield or not?

After the buds are just collected from the plants, they’re still wet and contains water inside. We call them the ‘wet’ yield.

And you already know- this is not the weight of weed that you can use actually.

The actual yield is the weight after you’re done with drying’em up. In a climate controlled dark and dry place, you should keep the wet weed under around 64 degrees of temperature.

Keep them in such a way for 10-15 days, and you’ll get the ready-to-use dry weed. Although it depends on the strains, usually dry weights are 20-25% of wet weight.  

Couple of Tips to Maximize Your 4×4 Grow Tent Harvest

Before we end, here are a couiple of tips that might come to be handy while you’re trying hard to maximize your grow yield-

Don’t Grow on Soil

We’ve seen many growers grow on soil instead of growing hydroponically. This is however, not an effective way if you’re looking forward to maximum yield.

The reasons are-

  1. You can’t control the amount and number of nutrients that the plant receive.
  2. The chances of doing mistakes with the pH and TDS is pretty high with soil.

Try ScrOG Yield

By growing in the ScrOG method, grow plants yield increase by 10%-20%.

The process to implement it is to top your plant leaves and place a screen on 12-15” above them. When the plants grow about 4” through the screen, tie them up with the screen. You will eventually see a nice ‘blanket’ of plant tops.

Once done, you’ll be earning these perks apart from a boost in yield-

  • No wasted light.
  • Plants are at the same height, ensuring even distribution of light.
  • No soft or fluffy buds.

As you know, a lot of other advice regarding the grains, light, ventilation, temperature etc can be put right on that list, actually. But for now, I’ve only listed those tips which are related to the surface you’re growing on. And that’s what we are supposed to talk about, right?

On a side note, you can check out this grow room yield calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: What is the max potential of 4×4 grow tent?

Answer: Being provided with ample light, temperature, strain and planting style, you can easily grow 2 pounds of harvest from 1 4×4 grow tent.

Question: What can be the yield if i put 2 leds in 4×4 tent?

Answer: If you put 2 LEDs with a power of 400-600w in each, you can get 1 gram for each watt. So, the total yield comes to be 1.7 lbs to 2.5 lbs.

Question: How can i yield 2 pounds in 4×4 grow tent?

Answer: There are a lot of ways actually. As example, if you put a 1000w HPS lamp on top of a ScrOG style canopy, it can yeild you about 2 pounds from a 4×4 grow tent.

Question: What yield can i expect if i put 6 plants in 4×4 grow tent?

Answer: Putting 6 plants in a 4×4 grow tent leads us to a plant density of 1 plant in each meter square area. That’s a pruning style growing, from where you can expect about .25 lbs of harvest from each plant.

Bottom Line

So, we’re at the dead end of the post. Hope you’ve liked the information, and got some clue on how much yield you should expect from your 4×4 grow tent under different circumstances.

Happy growing!

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